Getting laid off — just to see if you laugh

Into the unemployed wilderness

Being “Let Go”

So just as my health was getting better and I was tolerating the workload since I thought I would have a few weeks to relax and recover, my manager called me into his office on a perfectly normal day and, obviously reading a script, said I was being “let go” because of the “business climate.” I was to remain in his office until all the “safe” employees left the building. I would then be “chaperoned” into the large conference room to be briefed by the HR person.

The Health System When You are Unemployed

The reason I wish to recount all of this is that the COBRA for me was important since I was now seeing many specialists at places like Duke and really needed to keep them, regardless of the high cost. (When I was laid off in the 1990s, you got six months of company insurance before COBRA kicked in, but that world was long gone.) So I wasn’t going anywhere, and my top priority was to work with the HR person and be sure the COBRA did begin and that I had the same policy.



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Keith Kollmann

Keith Kollmann


When I was young and had an interesting life, people would say when are you going to write this down so others can learn? Well, now I am.